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1. Discovery
This is the exciting first step in our creative journey together. I love kicking off a project by diving deep into your business, goals, and vision. This is our chance to connect, brainstorm, and address any questions or ideas you have. I’ll also ask targeted questions to ensure I fully grasp your direction, setting the stage for the next phase.

Once I’ve gathered all the necessary insights, I’ll craft a comprehensive project proposal detailing our plan. To get started on bringing your vision to life, a 50% deposit will be required. Let’s embark on this adventure and make your vision a reality!
Discovery call
2. Research
Once I’ve gathered all the essential information, I’ll dive into researching your competitors, the latest trends, and innovative approaches relevant to your industry. I’ll then curate a couple of mood boards, showcasing ideas for the direction and overall stylistic approach I envision for your project. If you already have a specific style in mind, that’s fantastic! Your input will be invaluable. After you select the styles you love, we’ll seamlessly move on to step three, bringing us closer to making your vision a stunning reality.
Doing research
3. Creation
This is where everything begins to take shape. I’ll start by experimenting with styles and creating various sketches or wireframes, tailored to the specifics of your project. The aim is to develop tangible assets and establish a solid look and feel that aligns with your vision. Once I have this, we’ll be ready to move on to step four.
Creating different assets
Showcase presentation
4. Showcase
In this exciting meeting, I’ll unveil the creative journey we’ve embarked on together, showcasing the various ideas and explaining how I arrived at the one I believe is perfect for your vision. This is your opportunity to see the magic in action and provide any final feedback on the assets. It’s a collaborative moment to ensure everything aligns with your expectations and to celebrate the creative process before we wrap things up. Let’s make sure everything is spot-on and ready to shine!
5. Finalise
Once all final feedback has been incorporated, I’ll assemble the agreed-upon design assets in all the formats you’ll need, tailored to the specifics of your project. For branding projects, this includes a small  brand guideline document for you to share with your team or other freelancers for future creative work. If I’m also developing your website, the development phase will kick off at this stage, adhering to the agreed design.

Even after the project is completed, I’m always here for any questions or additional support you might need. My goal is to build long-term relationships with my clients, ensuring your ongoing success and satisfaction.
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How can I help?
I’d love to hear from you! Whether you have an exciting project in mind, need some creative design advice, or just want to brainstorm possibilities, don’t hesitate to reach out. Use the form to send me a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Your ideas and feedback are invaluable, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of collaborating to bring your vision to life. Thanks for considering my services—I can’t wait to create something amazing together!
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